Basic Accounting

Basic Accounting

Take Control of Your Farm Finances

Manage Fields & Crops

Traction Accounting integrates with your fields and crops to provide more insight of your business. You can draw field boundaries using background imagery or by importing a shapefile. Shapefiles can be bulk imported to reduce the steps in setting up your field names and boundaries. This is especially handy when switching from desktop systems like Farm Works.

Crop zones can also be assigned to each field in preparation for Profit Centers, coming in a future release.

Traction can track multiple business entities

Track Multiple Entities

If you have multiple businesses that require their own set of books, you’ll want a farm accounting solution that can easily handle it. With Traction, you can set up an unlimited number of entities in order to separate or combine for tax reporting. This gives you the flexibility to look at your overall farm business in different ways. While many other accounting systems charge for multiple entities, we don’t.

Chart of accounts built for you

We simplify the startup by providing you a set of income and expense accounts that match the Schedule F tax form. Setting up the chart of accounts correctly from the beginning will give you the power to better understand farm profitability. As new accounts arise or changes occur, accounts can be added or edited on the fly.

Traction Capturing Receipts with Phone

Record expenses on-the-go

No reason to wait until the end of the month to catch up on your expenses. Leverage your phone or tablet for recording transactions on-the-go, while entering as much or as little information as you want. Use your device camera to take pictures of invoices and tag them to transactions. Farm accounting expense tracking has never been easier.

Connect your bank accounts

We know entering transactions takes time from other things you enjoy doing, yet it is a critical step in calculating overall farm profitability. Make this process easier by safely connecting your financial institutions to Traction. Using the same security-level standards that banks use today, we can automatically import your bank and credit card transactions from thousands of financial institutions. This means less farm data entry for you, saving you time.


Connect to Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Capital One, Farmers & Merchants, and many more.

Traction can drill down for report details

Drill Down for Details

Our team understands there are times you need to dig and find more detailed information about certain expenses or accounts. With Traction, you can drill down from the chart of accounts or any report and see what made up those amounts. This eliminates you wasting time trying to understand where the numbers are coming from, saving you time and headaches.

"Traction is a perfect fit for our farm. Sharing information with our team was difficult in the past, but now it's easy. Having this info when we need it saves us headaches and time, putting us in better position with the banker."
Julie Rose
Farmer, MN

Key Features

Access farm data online from any location, anytime✔
Manage an unlimited number of business entities✔
Connect your bank and credit card accounts to synchronize your transactions✔
Generate financial reports for year-end, easily share with others✔
Instantly see how your farm business is performing on your dashboard✔
Snap a photo of your receipt and tag it to a transaction using your phone✔
Maintain your cash-based balance sheet and income statement with drill-down analysis on all reports✔
Perform standard tasks like adding accounts, transaction editing, print checks, and reconciling bank statements✔
Keep family living costs separate from farm costs✔
Create field names and boundaries and see a map of your farm✔
View profit centers by field and/or crop when allocating cash income and expensesMay 2021

Traction subscription includes one-on-one video conference training, live chat, email and phone support.