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Traction Enterprise

Advanced Field Operations for Farmers

Run a smarter business with industry-leading farm management software

From making field-by-field seed placement decisions to monitoring how your crop is progressing to digging into your ROI, Traction Enterprise turns your data into actionable intelligence for better decisions that drive results.

Improve Profitability

  • Monitor actual vs. budgeted production costs at the field, crop and enterprise level for data-driven management and stakeholder negotiations
  • Track inventories and budget inputs more accurately so you can prepay with confidence
  • Track crop inventory and contracts in real-time and take advantage of market swings
  • Access data when and where you need it most, via tablet, desktop or phone

From each seed to every bushel, Traction powers the decisions that boost your bottom line

Enhance collaboration with your farm team and trusted advisors

Create data-driven crop plans so you can purchase and place inputs with confidence

Boost yields by identifying practices that reduce variability and increase your margins

Improve your ROI with better input placement and management

Swap Complexity for Efficiency

  • Consolidate and seamlessly connect data and records across your farm
  • Swap spreadsheets for easy-to-use, real-time views and analysis of your farm’s financials, inputs, and inventories
  • Streamline collaboration with simplified stakeholder reporting
  • Track productivity with centralized task management

Support that farmers trust

Our industry leading Customer Success team can quickly answer your questions and ensure you’ve got what you need to use our tools successfully.

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