November 2021 Feature Release

November 2021 Feature Release

Very exciting month of agronomy enhancements. Use equation adjustments, product constraints and custom equations to optimize your fertility recommendations. Enjoy!

Basic Agronomy

  • Custom Fertility Recommendations – A user’s custom equations can now be added to assist your recommendation requirements. To add your equations, contact Customer Success at 888-305-3839. Learn more
  • Equation Adjustments – Easily make adjustments to your equations using the Nutrient Deduct or Product Multiplier features. Nutrient Deduct can subtract or add for a previous or future application of a nutrient. Product Multiplier offers the ability to apply half of the recommendation now and half later; as well as, adjust the product recommendation up or down a desired percentage. Learn more
Equation Adjustments for Traction Agronomy

Field App v1.2

  • Auto Backup of Work – Boundaries and soil sampling tasks can auto backup to your device or to iCloud. This gives you an extra layer of protection to your work. Learn more

  • Turn Off Auto Sync for Cellular – There is now a Sync over Cellular toggle to prevent the app from syncing while using cellular data and to wait until the app is connected to Wi-Fi. Learn more

  • View Nutrient Results for Points – Once soil test results are imported, view results for each point by tapping on the sample point. Learn more
  • Editing Sample Points – You can now delete, edit labels and move sample points. Learn more


Brian Stark
Director of Marketing, Traction


  • Brian Stark

    Brian Stark is co-founder and Marketing Director of Traction Ag, Inc, a cloud-based farm accounting and management software company focused on helping farmers become more profitable and efficient. Prior to Traction Ag, Brian led the sales and marketing efforts at Farm Works Software, a global leader in farm management desktop software that was acquired by Trimble in 2009. He helped manage the Trimble marketing and communications team for over 10 years, with a strategic focus in building brand awareness and digital marketing efforts.

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