November 2021 Feature Release

November 2021 Feature Release

Very exciting month of agronomy enhancements. Use equation adjustments, product constraints and custom equations to optimize your fertility recommendations. Enjoy!

Basic Agronomy

  • Custom Fertility Recommendations – A user’s custom equations can now be added to assist your recommendation requirements. To add your equations, contact Customer Success at 888-305-3839. Learn more
  • Equation Adjustments – Easily make adjustments to your equations using the Nutrient Deduct or Product Multiplier features. Nutrient Deduct can subtract or add for a previous or future application of a nutrient. Product Multiplier offers the ability to apply half of the recommendation now and half later; as well as, adjust the product recommendation up or down a desired percentage. Learn more
Equation Adjustments for Traction Agronomy

Field App v1.2

  • Auto Backup of Work – Boundaries and soil sampling tasks can auto backup to your device or to iCloud. This gives you an extra layer of protection to your work. Learn more

  • Turn Off Auto Sync for Cellular – There is now a Sync over Cellular toggle to prevent the app from syncing while using cellular data and to wait until the app is connected to Wi-Fi. Learn more

  • View Nutrient Results for Points – Once soil test results are imported, view results for each point by tapping on the sample point. Learn more
  • Editing Sample Points – You can now delete, edit labels and move sample points. Learn more


Brian Stark
Director of Marketing, Traction

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