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Get Traction Ready for 2022

Get Your Traction Ready for 2022

If you’ve been experimenting with Traction this past year and would like to start over, we can help you: Clear your 2021 accounting transactions but keep your chart of accounts, contacts, fields, etc.  Edit your entity year for 2022  Enter your harvested crop inventory carryover – Learn more Enter your product inventory carryover – Learn more Call Customer Success Team at 888-466-6080 (option 2) or email for help. We’ll make sure you are ready for the new year. Sign In to Traction Brian StarkDirector of Marketing, Traction

December 2021 Feature Release

We are excited to launch the initial phase of payroll this week. Farmers who have expressed interest in payroll will be contacted soon for onboarding. We’ve also kicked off the first feature of Advanced Accounting and will release more features through 2022. Enjoy! New Traction Features | December 2021Watch this video on YouTube Payroll (Initial Release) Employer Onboarding – [Requires Basic Accounting] You can now enable payroll for a business/entity and enter tax information that will be used for federal and state filings including forms 943, 940, W-4 and W-2. Also includes setting up your farm’s bank details so payroll will be automatically deducted from your farm’s checking account. Learn more Employee Onboarding – [Requires Basic Accounting] Setup and onboard your employees with key details including their social security number, pay frequency and pay rate. Work with employees to get updated tax data including completion of Federal Form W-4 and the state equivalent. Also includes setting up employee bank details so payroll gets automatically deposited into their account. Learn more Advanced Accounting (Initial Release) Enter Prepay Expenses – [Requires Basic Accounting] Create your prepay accounts (fertilizer, seed, chemicals, etc.) and have them linked to a specific vendor. Located under the

November 2021 Feature Release

Very exciting month of agronomy enhancements. Use equation adjustments, product constraints and custom equations to optimize your fertility recommendations. Enjoy! Basic Agronomy Custom Fertility Recommendations – A user’s custom equations can now be added to assist your recommendation requirements. To add your equations, contact Customer Success at 888-305-3839. Learn more Equation Adjustments – Easily make adjustments to your equations using the Nutrient Deduct or Product Multiplier features. Nutrient Deduct can subtract or add for a previous or future application of a nutrient. Product Multiplier offers the ability to apply half of the recommendation now and half later; as well as, adjust the product recommendation up or down a desired percentage. Learn more Field App v1.2 Auto Backup of Work – Boundaries and soil sampling tasks can auto backup to your device or to iCloud. This gives you an extra layer of protection to your work. Learn more Turn Off Auto Sync for Cellular – There is now a Sync over Cellular toggle to prevent the app from syncing while using cellular data and to wait until the app is connected to Wi-Fi. Learn more View Nutrient Results for Points – Once soil test results are imported, view results for

Leverage your phone to capture field records with Traction.

October 2021 Feature Release

BASIC OPERATIONS Detailed Field Profit Center Report – [Requires Basic Accounting] A new ‘Crop Zone – Detailed’ report is now available. This report shows Crop Revenue from harvest records with the value reflecting the average price the crop was sold for. For Crop Expenses, the report displays the average purchased cost for chemical, seed and fertilizer products. The report also shows other costs and revenue allocated to the Crop Zone. The end result is a profit per acre and bushel from your true accounting data. Learn more Unassigned Storage Locations – When entering your harvest records, you no longer need to assign the crops to a specific storage location. By not assigning a storage location, Traction defaults to using an ‘Unassigned’ location per crop. When you view the inventory for the Unassigned locations, you can drill-down and see the field records and sales that make up the current harvested crop inventory. Storage Location Filters – When viewing a storage location, there are now filters to quickly sort and find harvest field records or crop sales. Basic Agronomy Setting Min/Max/Switch to Recommendations – When creating your product recommendations, you can now set a minimum, maximum and switch constraints to your products. These

September 2021 Feature Release

With the latest release of Traction, we’ve added crop sales and harvested crop inventory tracking. These features are quite timely for harvest season. Enjoy! BASIC ACCOUNTING Crop Sales – [Requires Basic Operations] When adding or editing a deposit transaction, a new option called ‘Crops’ is now available from the type drop-down. Detailed information about the crop sale can be entered, such as the storage location, crop year, quantity sold, unit price and total sale. This feature is completely integrated with Basic Operations as the harvested inventory flows directly into Basic Accounting. Once a crop and storage location is selected, a Beginning Balance and New Balance is displayed to provide a snapshot of inventory on-hand. Learn more BASIC OPERATIONS Storage Locations – A new ‘Storage’ area is now available for adding different storage locations. Examples include grain bins and off-farm storage sites. If using both Basic Operations and Basic Accounting, you can assign harvest records and sales to storage locations to keep an inventory of your harvested crops. Learn more Assign Harvest Records to Storage Locations – [Requires Basic Accounting] When adding or editing a harvest field record, there is now an option to assign the quantity harvested to one

Traction Agronomy Solutions for Data Management

Traction Field App v1.1 Feature Release

With the latest release of the Traction Field App v1.1, we have improved the workflow for target sampling and added the ability to share shapefiles directly from your iOS device. FIELD APP Target Labels and Numbering – When using target sampling, you now have the ability to not only hide the labels for each sample target, but you can also define the starting target number used in the sampling event. Learn more about labels and numbering Maximum Sampling Distance – You can set your maximum distance from target setting and receive notifications when you are outside of this range. If you are outside the range, you can select to mark at the target location, mark target at your current location, or create a new sample at you location. With this feature, you can ensure that your samples are taken within a defined distance to their target. Learn more on sampling distance Distance to Target – When using target sampling, you can now see your current distance from the next sample target. Depending on your current distance, the label will either be green when you are within range or white when you are out of range. New Sharing Options Available –

Traction Supply Inventory Tracking

July 2021 Feature Release

This is one of our bigger feature releases bringing together both Basic Accounting and Basic Operations. Total integration is our goal and this is definitely a step in the right direction. BASIC ACCOUNTING Supply Purchases – [Requires Basic Operations] When adding or editing a payment transaction, a new option called ‘Supplies’ is now available from the type drop-down. Products can be selected from a searchable database list of chemicals, fertilizers or seed varieties. You can also add custom products if required. This feature is completely integrated with Basic Operations as the ‘favorite’ products appear at the top for easy selection. Once a product is selected, a Beginning Balance and New Balance is displayed to provide a snapshot of inventory on-hand. Learn more about Supply Purchases Supply Costing to Field Records – [Requires Basic Operations] Entering a supply purchase requires you to select crop year, quantity and cost. Traction automatically computes the average unit cost of the supply for the selected crop year and gives you the option to update your field records. This automates allocation of the actual costs of supplies to the field crop zones regardless of the tax year that the payment occurred. BASIC OPERATIONS Product Inventory Details

Traction Field Profit Center Analysis Reports

May 2021 Feature Release

Without question, this is a big one! Your feedback is greatly appreciated as we continue to add more features that create value for your farm. BASIC ACCOUNTING Dashboard View for Field Profit Center – The Financial Dashboard offers a new option for Crop Zones. By selecting Crop Zones, new widgets appear for Field Profit Center Income, Field Profit Center Expenses and Field Profit Center Revenue. Pie charts and bar graphs appear when allocating (cash) expenses and revenue to fields. The Field Profit Center report also appears when clicking on any of the dashboard widgets. Field Profit Center Analysis Report – A detailed Field Profit Center report is available for any combination of Crop Zones. Sort the report by crop and year to view allocated (cash) expenses and revenue totals, as well as per acre. You can multi-select Crop Zones for any combination in analyzing overall field or crop profitability. Learn more about reports Transaction Templates – Payment and Deposit transactions are automatically saved and available for future transactions. Clicking ‘Use Previous Transaction’ next to the contact will list the amount, memo and date of each previously recorded transaction. Transactions prior to this release will also appear. This is a

April 2021 Feature Release

It was a very busy month! Here is a complete list of new features for Basic Accounting and the initial release of Basic Operations. BASIC ACCOUNTING Income and Expense Allocation to Crop Zones – Now you can assign income and expense transactions to a single or multiple crop zones. This process builds the foundation for Field Profit Centers. Detailed analysis reports for fields will be available in a future release. Learn more Family Living Payments – For off-farm related expenses, there is a new Family Living option for the Type column. When selected, specific categories can be created to track additional detail. All of these transactions will be assigned to Drawing or Dividends (based on your entity type) with details stored in the background. In a future release, Traction will expand Family Living to include the tracking of income and offer more visibility of details within the Chart of Accounts and reporting. Learn more Account Register Default – When navigating from the Dashboard to Accounting, the default view will be the Account Register (previously it was the Chart of Accounts). This saves you a click since the Account Register is where you’ll spend a bulk of your time. Full Screens for

March 2021 Feature Release

We’ve been busy enhancing the Traction software to better serve your needs. Check out these amazing improvements. BASIC ACCOUNTING FEATURES Support for Property and Equipment (Fixed Assets) Accounts – Fixed asset accounts can now be added for Property & Equipment. This is useful for setting up Land, Land Improvement, Structures and Equipment accounts. In addition, you can select these accounts and enter the amounts for any purchase or sale. Learn more about Property & Equipment New Check Printing – Checks can now be printed using Form L1053 from Nelco (one page: check above, two stubs below). Please note this is the only check style currently supported by Traction. In addition to check printing, Traction saves the date and time printed as reference and will alert you if attempting to print the check more than once. Learn more about Printing Checks Use the links below to order checks and envelopes from Nelco: Multi-Purpose Top Business Check (L1053) – minimum order 250 Double Window Envelope – Moisture Seal – 3 3/4″ x 8 5/8″ (E938) – minimum order 500 Double Window Envelope – Self Seal – 3 3/4″ x 8 5/8″ (E938S) – minimum order 500 Check Number Defaulting – When you

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