Traction Field App v1.5 Feature Release

Traction Field App v1.5 Feature Release

With the latest release of the Traction Field App v1.5, we have improved the rotate and pan tools for grid sampling and more.


  • Redesigned Tools for Grid Creation  – Improved grid tools for pan and rotate enhances the ease-of-use and comfort for grid sampling. Learn more
Traction Field App can be used for grid sampling.
  • Additional Shapefile Export Options – You can now include sample nutrient results when exporting sample events as a shapefile. Learn more
  • Field and Grower Search – New search has the ability to quickly find fields and growers. Learn more
  • Resample Event – This feature allows you to pick from previous sample events and start a new sample event for the current year. Learn more
  • Various Additional Small Improvements

Brian Stark
Director of Marketing, Traction

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