About Us

Our Leadership Team

Ian Harley

Co-Founder, CEO

Brian Stark

Co-Founder, Marketing Director

Scott Nusbaum

Co-Founder, Product Director

Emily Back

Engineering Process Manager

Aaron Hunt

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff Dearborn

Business Development Director

Lawrence Yarian

Engineering Director

Our Story

Traction was established in March 2020 as an independent technology company that is both employee and farmer owned. The original founders of Traction include Ian Harley, Scott Nusbaum and Brian Stark. The trio was instrumental in helping build Farm Works Software® in the 1990’s, revolutionizing the industry with farmer-friendly desktop software for any size of operation. After the initial launch of Traction in early 2020, our leadership team expanded with the addition of Jeff Dearborn and Aaron Hunt, both highly respected experts in operational logistics, agronomy and GIS. This collective experience was pivotal in positioning Traction, a company dedicated to software technology for improving financial processes, operational records and agronomy information.


Over the past 25+ years, this team helped thousands of farmers around the globe with their farm accounting, field operations, precision farming data, agronomy, soil sampling and other farm-related data. The struggles farmers experience is often related to time sorting through accounting records, spreadsheets or other complicated applications— none of which are integrated. Traction’s cloud-based platform keeps all the farm data integrated in one place, giving farmers what they need, when they need it.


The goal today remains the same as it did years ago. Help farmers spend less time entering data by automating workflows and integrating existing systems, resulting in data-driven decisions and more profits. Traction is dedicated to customer success and data privacy. We know great software offers so much more with an excellent team behind it.