August 2022 Feature Release

August 2022 Feature Release

With the upcoming bustle of activity in August, we have added more enhancements to our Climate FieldView and John Deere Operations Center integrations along with expanding Traction’s Invoicing functionality.

Basic Operations

Updated Field Profit Center Reporting
  • This feature requires Basic Accounting.
  • See a summary of the sale price per bushel and acre for each crop type when viewing multiple crops on a single Field Profit Center report.
Climate and John Deere Harvest Records 
  • Import your harvest records using the Import Queue. As with other records, check and adjust the details: average or total dry yield; if you need to remove one, simply archive it.
  • Improvements to the Import Queue include faster scrolling and the ability to Filter records by Date or Type.
Traction supports the ability to import harvest records from Climate and John Deere.

Advanced Accounting

Invoicing Equipment from Field Records

  • Include equipment usage when invoicing from field records. This is useful for custom applications, harvest and other work.
  • More units of measure have been added for invoicing (bales, bushels, etc.).

Basic Agronomy

Work Order Management and Bag Labels
  • Create, edit and delete Work Orders for sampling tasks and assign them to the appropriate person.
  • Bulk close completed Work Orders in order to manage what you have left for each sampler.
  • Print a Summary Sheet for sampling Work Orders. These sheets include a QR code for samplers to scan using the Traction Field app, prompting them to the assigned Work Order in the field.
  • Print lab check-in sheets prior to starting field tasks from each Work Order.
Traction's soil sampling app is fully compatible with Traction Agronomy.

Brian Stark
Director of Marketing, Traction

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