Accounting – 2022-Q2 Draft – Basic

Traction Basic

Cash Accounting for Farmers

Farm Accounting Software That Transforms Your Farming Business

Traction allows you to focus on the bigger picture by simplifying workflows and providing reports specific to your farm business.

Traction Farm Accounting Software provides easy tools for everyday transactions
Traction Farm Accounting for tracking multiple business entities

Handle Multiple Entities

With Traction, you can create an unlimited number of business entities to separate or combine together for reporting. We don’t charge for them either!  

Know your Margin per Acre

Allocate your expenses and revenue to fields for a deeper analysis of your margin per acre.

Play Video about Traction Farm Accounting Software makes it easy to manage your farm.

Enter Transactions on-the-go

There’s no reason to wait until the end of the month to catch up on your expenses. Leverage your phone or tablet to take pictures of invoices and tag them to transactions.

Connect your bank accounts

Get more work done by safely connecting to your financial institutions for seamless transaction downloading and automatic reconciliation.

Our Customers

Hear what our customers are saying about our farm accounting software.

Top rated for ease of use and customer service. See our reviews.

Lillian S.
Traction Software Review It has fit the void in an easy to use ag accounting and management software. Great customer support. ☺It is easy to set up and easy to use. The software has a good basis for accounting and draws in the field operations and inventory use. The customer support is great. ☹A work in progress but worth waiting for each aspect that is coming out every couple of months.
Nathan a.
2 month review Very good customer support during trial period. Hope that continues now that I purchased the nun package ☺Ease of use and ability to link to financial accounts for auto transaction import ☹Wish there was a feature to create rules to auto categorize transactions based in store or who was paid
Brian T.
Transition from Farmworks to Traction ☺I like the ability to integrate multiple entities in one software product with one subscription. Also the ability to link bank accounts and credit cards for downloading transactions saves time. The ability to allocate income and expenses to track profitability is very important. ☹Missing some advanced features on the accounting, such as accrual financial statements, market value balance sheet, accounts payable/receivable functionality.
Ashley D.
Great Product Overall, Excited to See Where it Goes Overall, I am impressed with the program that has been created and the customer service has been above expectations. I also love that Traction is web-based and I do not have to worry about making backups. ☺I am a huge fan of being able to easily access financial reports and adjust entries as needed. I am excited to see that they are constantly upgrading and learning what customers need in an ag management software. ☹I would love to see more field options such as writing variable rate prescriptions from harvest data.
Chris H.
good product ☺easy program to navigate after you get everything set up ☹still learning the program but could be helpful to include more livestock options
Jake E.
Traction Review ☺Cross tracking with accounting and inventory management ☹I don’t use payroll so that feature is not necessary for me
Shane H.
Best Farm Accounting Software Available Exceptional experience. Great product and exceptional customer service. ☺Generates accurate accounting information useful for making farm management decisions – and easy to use! ☹I’m looking forward to more features being added to help make farm management decisions.
Rick B.
Traction review So far their support has been great! ☺I like the fact that it is online and accessible from anywhere. ☹So far I’ve been pleased. They are still adding things so that makes me happy.
Monica R.
Farmworks user converted to Traction From the start of looking for software to replace Farmworks and making the first phone call to [SENSITIVE CONTENT] I have not been disappointed. Everyone I have talked to at Traction has been very helpful and easy to work with. The file movement from my Farmworks to Traction went very smoothly. Any questions I have had there has been videos to help me get my issues solved. Would highly recommend this software. ☺The Accounting is my favorite. It is easy to use. Just clicking on the transaction to make a change to it or delete it works wonderful. Bringing up a previous transaction is also a plus to not have to reenter all the info, only change the check no, date and dollar amt. Reconciliation is also easy to use. Also use the Farm Ops to record field records. Works well to track what was done on each field such as what was sprayed, what seed was planted on which fields, or tillage that was done and harvest info. ☹I haven’t found a least favorite yet as I have only been a user since January of 2022.
Randy R.
Farm works, the next generation I have just been using traction ag for less than a month and my only issue is that I wish I would have found it 3 months ago. I really have not found an issue that could not be worked around with the teams help. ☺The fact that it transfers the Farm Works information so well is great. And the team at traction ag is fantastic at helping and problem solving. I let my accountants look at my information and they were very pleased and that makes me happy. ☹Because of the programs newness and my short time with using it, I have found things I would like but maybe not gotten into it deep enough to find what I was looking for. From what I have seen so far though, this team will fix any and all issue’s that come up

Key Features

Basic FeaturesBasicPlusPro
Two manager logins 1
Handle multiple entities
Know your margin per acre
Enter transactions on-the-go
Connect your bank and credit card accounts
Share your Traction account with other team members including your accountant
Plus Features
Know your margin per bushel
Track your supply and harvested crop inventory balances
Automate your field records with integrations 2
Track equipment costs
Pro Features
Manage prepay expenses
Track equipment costs to fields
Manage land agreements for cash rent and sharecropping
Create an invoice based on the landlord’s share of inputs
Prepare a Market Value Balance SheetSoon
Manage Accounts Payable transactions and balancesSoon
Plan a Cash Flow BudgetSoon

[1] Additional manager logins can be purchased if needed.

[2] Connecting to John Deere or Climate enables you to download your farm & field names, boundaries and field records into Traction.