Accounting – 2022-Q2 Draft – Basic

Traction Basic

Cash Accounting for Farmers

Farm Accounting Software That Transforms Your Farming Business

Traction allows you to focus on the bigger picture by simplifying workflows and providing reports specific to your farm business.

Traction Farm Accounting Software provides easy tools for everyday transactions
Traction Farm Accounting for tracking multiple business entities

Handle Multiple Entities

With Traction, you can create an unlimited number of business entities to separate or combine together for tax reporting. We don’t charge for them either!  

Know your Margin per Acre

Allocate your expenses and revenue to fields for a deeper analysis of your margin per acre.

Play Video about Traction Farm Accounting Software makes it easy to manage your farm.

Enter Transactions on-the-go

There’s no reason to wait until the end of the month to catch up on your expenses. Leverage your phone or tablet to take pictures of invoices and tag them to transactions.

Connect your bank accounts

Get more work done by safely connecting to your financial institutions for seamless transaction downloading and automatic reconciliation.

Our Customers

Hear what our customers are saying about our farm accounting software.

Top rated for ease of use and customer service. See our reviews.

Kaleb S.
Kaleb S.
April 7, 2022.
Traction Review Very helpful support and onboarding teams. I have never had a better experience with an accounting and farm management program. This program is really going to take off. ☺Traction is an easy-to-use web-based system that allows me to quickly and easily enter transactions from anywhere. It is nice to have one simple platform that do so many things and is made for agriculture. ☹Waiting on some additional advanced features such as accrual accounting.
Kathleen G.
Kathleen G.
March 29, 2022.
New User My overall experience has been outstanding. I was up and running with first onboarding session. 20 emails were answered the first day. ☺Customer support is outstanding and instant.. Cloud based, easy to integrate bank, credit cards. Easy to incorporate multiple entities. We have multiple LLC and can track them all with this software. ☹Too early to tell but I’m confident developers will continue to listen to customer base and incorporate needed features.
Blaine L.
Blaine L.
February 14, 2022.
Traction review very good ☺knowledge and support the team there is ready to help ☹its not fully developed yet, but it will be
Joanna J.
Joanna J.
February 3, 2022.
Traction is an amazing software for companies with 5+ employees ☺I love that this allowed me to designate tasks (rocks) and projects to individual team members and then follow up with them. I think if you are needing very in depth procedures and expectations that have a lot of factors, this is a great tool to use. ☹We only have about 2-3 staff members and this software was honestly too complex for what we needed. We moved over to slack and it’s much easier for us since we don’t need such a complex system.
Lisa F.
Lisa F.
January 26, 2022.
Loving the ease of set up Love the software for its common sense approach and all the support has been great! ☺So far, I have watched the you tube videos and am in the process of moving over our accounting software to TractionAg. It has been so easy and the support is excellent. Never have had to wait for help and they answer and help explain the “why’s” of how it is set up, which helps me remember and just makes sense. Very easy to use so far and their willingness to help me a long has been great. ☹The only thing would be that not everything is completely available yet, but is coming. But in a way this makes it easier to get it up and going because you understand the basics first. The rest will be fine-tuning and they ask for opinions on how we would like to see it. Was dreading making this switch, but it really has been an easy transition so far.
Brady S.
Brady S.
January 26, 2022.
Highly recommend Great customer support. ☺Very simple to use and navigate throughout ☹I cannot find a con at this current time
Steve A.
Steve A.
January 12, 2022.
Traction Ag by S&KA Dashboard view and drill down is awesome! Traction Ag is new and we can grow with them and don’t have to learn it all at once! It is truly built for agriculture and we don’t have to tweak an of the shelf software to trick it to work for ag. ☺Taking a pic of invoice and ability to drill down in check register to that invoice easily! ☹Changing from our old software and getting hole farm to commit to changing to something new and different
Ryan B.
Ryan B.
January 11, 2022.
Review ☺It’s a robust system that is easy to operate ☹Although it’s easy to use there still is a bit of a learning curve
Randy G.
Randy G.
January 4, 2022.
Why Traction ☺Ease of switching and the awesome customer support! ☹Some reports missing but I have been assured they are working on it and will be ready by the time I need it.
Dan B.
Dan B.
January 4, 2022.
Traction Ag Software My overall experience has been very good. Whenever I have came across a problem or have a suggestion the whole team at Traction has been very well receptive. I have no doubt this program will develop into the “go to” program for farmers and managers alike. ☺It is developing into a one stop shop for all my farms accounting, crop records and payroll needs. Very simple and quick data entry and the support has been awesome. My bank and credit card accounts tied into Traction, with one click of a button the transactions get loaded into Traction. Saves time with data entry. ☹Traction is what I feel on the ground floor with a huge upside potential. There are some features not available yet but I feel they will get addressed. It is lacking the ability to import and manage different GIS maps and develop precision ag prescriptions and map layers.

Key Features

Basic FeaturesBasicPlusPro
Two manager logins 1
Handle multiple entities
Know your margin per acre
Enter transactions on-the-go
Connect your bank and credit card accounts
Plus Features
Know your margin per bushel
Track your supply and harvested crop inventory balances
Automate your field records with integrations 2
Track equipment costs
Pro Features
Manage prepay expenses
Track equipment costs to fields
Manage land agreements for cash rent and sharecropping
Design invoices for landlords or any customerComing soon
Manage account receivable and accounts payable balancesComing soon
Create a market value balance sheetComing soon
Layout cash flow budgetsComing soon

[1] Additional manager logins can be purchased if needed.

[2] Connecting to John Deere or Climate enables you to download your farms, fields and boundaries into Traction. Our May 2022 release will allow you to bring in your field summary data.