December 2022 Feature Release

December 2022 Feature Release

We are delighted to release the Accounts Payable feature and functionality today. This adds additional insight, leading to a clear and complete financial analysis of your operation.

Advanced Accounting

Accounts Payable
  • Requires Traction Pro.
  • Enter bills for each vendor and track the amount owed.
  • See a summary of amounts owed to each vendor with drill-down to individual bills.
  • Maintains accrual basis records based on bill entries while maintaining cash basis records when payments are made.
  • Leverage ‘Use Previous Bills’ to select from previously entered bills to reduce the number of steps in creating a new one.


Payment Name Change

  • Employees and employers will no longer see the name ‘Zeal’ when logging into their bank account. Instead, it will now list the employer’s name which offers a better descriptor for all parties.

Brian Stark
Director of Marketing, Traction

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