January 2021 Feature Release

January 2021 Feature Release

To kickoff 2021, we’ve launched an exciting list of key farm features that are now included in your Traction account. Just login to your account and start using them today!


  • Cash Income Statement Widget & Report – The Dashboard area offers new widgets of graphical summaries for Revenue, Expense and Profit. If you click on the graphs, a detailed Income Statement report can be viewed. The Income Statement can include one entity or a combination of multiple entities for any date range. Learn more
  • Cash Balance Sheet Widget & Report – The Dashboard has a Balance Sheet Widget with a pie chart summary of your Balance Sheet.  Click on the graph to see your full Balance Sheet.  The Balance Sheet can be displayed for any date and any entity or combination of entities. Learn more
  • Notes Payable Details – You can now add more details for your Notes Payable account(s). If you add a new Notes Payable or edit an existing one, a Details tab is available for entering original amount borrowed, start date borrowed, term, duration, and other details. This information can be used to calculate the loan payment and streamlines the payment at a later time. Learn more
  • Notes Payable Payments – Payment details now includes an option for recording Notes Payable payments with a breakdown of principal and interest. To save you time, the interest can be calculated automatically based on how you’ve entered the detail for the Notes Payable. Learn more
  • Bank Transfers – Record transfers between bank accounts including checking, savings, credit cards, operating loans and other bank accounts.  To do this, go to the Account Register and select ‘Add New Transfer’ from the ‘Add New’ button. Learn more
  • Give Traction Access – If you wish to give Customer Success access to your account in order to assist you with questions, a new option called ‘Give Traction Access” is located under your User Profile. Our strict data policy prevents Traction from accessing your information without your permission. If you wish to prevent Traction from accessing your account, select ‘Deny Traction Access’ from the User Profile. Learn more
  • Remove 2020 Transactions – Customer Success can remove all of your 2020 Transactions but keep your contacts, chart of accounts, and entities. If you are interested in starting fresh for 2021, please reach out to Customer Success at success@tractionag.com or call 888-466-6080.  This will only take a few minutes of your time so let us know a day/time that works for you and we’ll schedule a quick Zoom meeting.

Brian Stark
Director of Marketing, Traction



  • Brian Stark

    Brian Stark is co-founder and Marketing Director of Traction Ag, Inc, a cloud-based farm accounting and management software company focused on helping farmers become more profitable and efficient. Prior to Traction Ag, Brian led the sales and marketing efforts at Farm Works Software, a global leader in farm management desktop software that was acquired by Trimble in 2009. He helped manage the Trimble marketing and communications team for over 10 years, with a strategic focus in building brand awareness and digital marketing efforts.

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