January 2023 Feature Release

January 2023 Feature Release

Traction is delivering another seamless digital integration to save you time and make your financial admin work less burdensome. 


Partnering with award-Winning IRS-Authorized eFiling Platform Tax1099.com, trusted by 150,000 businesses! Traction makes it easy to submit 1099s for landlords and vendors.


Multiple 1099 types are supported: MISC, NEC and INT.

Basic Accounting

1099 eFiling
  • Requires Traction Basic.
  • Submit 1099 forms for landlords and vendors.
  • You must use the account owner email to connect this service.
  • All required data: forms 1099 and 1096 are electronically submitted.
  • Download a PDF for each 1099 form to print and mail.
    • or have tax1099.com mail them to each vendor for a small fee.

Brian Stark
Director of Marketing, Traction


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