July 2022 Feature Release

July 2022 Feature Release

This month, we focused on adding more value to existing features. Now you can easily invoice inputs from completed field activities. This is a huge time saver when used in conjunction with Climate FieldView and/or John Deere Operations Center.

Basic Operations

Climate and John Deere Field Records Import
  • Support for equipment matching


Deductions for IRAs
  • Support for Simple IRA, Roth IRA and Roth 401k deductions. Employer and employee (or just Employer) contributions for each is possible.

Advanced Accounting

Invoicing Inputs from Field Records

  • Create an invoice based on the landlord’s share of inputs. Pick your field record(s) and the invoice is created automatically.
  • Use the average purchase price for product billing or enter a ‘percent adjustment’ to adjust a price increase. This billing value can be changed to your liking.
  • [Late July] The final phase of invoicing will provide an option to include equipment usage when invoicing from field records. This is useful for custom applications, harvest and other work.
Invoice your landlord based on share of inputs with Traction

Brian Stark
Director of Marketing, Traction


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