January 2022 Feature Release & Payroll Launch

January 2022 Feature Release & Payroll Launch

We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable New Year. This month we’ve added the final pieces for executing payroll transactions. If you are interested in using payroll and have not signed up for payroll onboarding, contact Zachary Baiel at 260-868-7084.

All Traction Products

  • Additional Crops – Traction now supports Watermelon, Tobacco, Popcorn, Pumpkins and Grass Forage/Hay crops. You will find these additions to the crop lists throughout Traction.

Traction farm management software handles multiple crops.

Payroll (Full Release)

  • Enter Pay for Employees – [Requires Basic Accounting] A new option called ‘Current Payroll’ allows you to enter pay for one or more employees. Other things you can do here include editing (in process) payroll transactions and viewing prior pay stub information for each employee.
  • State & Local Tax Setup – [Requires Basic Accounting] A new Tax Setup area can be found in the Employee Info area. Here you can enter State and Local Tax details including account numbers.
  • Payroll Dashboard – [Requires Basic Accounting] The Employee Info tab now includes a button for accessing your Payroll Dashboard. This allows you to find reports, past pay stubs and other important payroll details.

Basic Accounting

  • Updated Void Rules – Transaction voids are only created if you change an amount, account or date. This new process maintains an audit trail of key changes while not creating a large number of voids for simple edits.

  • Simplified Payroll Accounts Setup – When setting up expenses via Dashboard (Step #3: Add your Revenue and Expense Accounts), you will find a new folder called “Wage and Payroll Tax Expenses”. This simplifies the setup of your wage related expense accounts for payroll.


Brian Stark
Director of Marketing, Traction



  • Brian Stark

    Brian Stark is co-founder and Marketing Director of Traction Ag, Inc, a cloud-based farm accounting and management software company focused on helping farmers become more profitable and efficient. Prior to Traction Ag, Brian led the sales and marketing efforts at Farm Works Software, a global leader in farm management desktop software that was acquired by Trimble in 2009. He helped manage the Trimble marketing and communications team for over 10 years, with a strategic focus in building brand awareness and digital marketing efforts.

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