October 2021 Feature Release

October 2021 Feature Release


  • Detailed Field Profit Center Report – [Requires Basic Accounting] A new ‘Crop Zone – Detailed’ report is now available. This report shows Crop Revenue from harvest records with the value reflecting the average price the crop was sold for. For Crop Expenses, the report displays the average purchased cost for chemical, seed and fertilizer products. The report also shows other costs and revenue allocated to the Crop Zone. The end result is a profit per acre and bushel from your true accounting data. Learn more

  • Unassigned Storage Locations – When entering your harvest records, you no longer need to assign the crops to a specific storage location. By not assigning a storage location, Traction defaults to using an ‘Unassigned’ location per crop. When you view the inventory for the Unassigned locations, you can drill-down and see the field records and sales that make up the current harvested crop inventory.

  • Storage Location Filters – When viewing a storage location, there are now filters to quickly sort and find harvest field records or crop sales.

Basic Agronomy

  • Setting Min/Max/Switch to Recommendations – When creating your product recommendations, you can now set a minimum, maximum and switch constraints to your products. These product constraints can either be used for a single recommendation or saved and applied as product defaults for all of your recommendations. Learn more
Product constraints can be entered for creating recommendations.

Field App v1.2

  • View Soil Test Results – When your lab completes your soil sample tests, the resulting nutrient information and interpolated maps are now available in the app. Learn more

  • Delete Polygon for Boundary Changes – You can now easily delete a polygon that was made in error or make changes to an existing boundary. Once complete, the app allows you to create a new boundary. Learn more

  • Current Version is Displayed – From the home screen, the Traction Field app will now display your current installed version and let you know if a newer version is available for download. Learn more


Brian Stark
Director of Marketing, Traction



  • Brian Stark

    Brian Stark is co-founder and Marketing Director of Traction Ag, Inc, a cloud-based farm accounting and management software company focused on helping farmers become more profitable and efficient. Prior to Traction Ag, Brian led the sales and marketing efforts at Farm Works Software, a global leader in farm management desktop software that was acquired by Trimble in 2009. He helped manage the Trimble marketing and communications team for over 10 years, with a strategic focus in building brand awareness and digital marketing efforts.

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