Pricing (Farmer)

Farm business software
that brings it all together

At just a few cents per bushel, it’s priced to pay dividends on any sized farm.

Farmer Packages

$ 950 Annually
  • Two Users
  • Field Profit Reports by Acre
  • Handle Multiple Entities
  • Import Bank & Credit Card Transactions
  • Cash Balance Sheet & Income Statement
  • Share Account with Others
  • Tech Support (phone, live chat, & on-demand)
$ 1900 Annually
  • All Features in Basic
  • Field Profit Reports by Bushel
  • Add Supplies from Database
  • Import Field Records via Integrations
  • Track Product Inventory
  • Track Harvested Crop & Bin Inventory
  • See Actual Equipment Costs


$ 3800 Annually
  • All Features in Basic + Plus
  • Track Prepay Expenses
  • Manage Land Agreements
  • Accounts Receivable & Invoicing
  • Market Value Balance Sheet
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accrual Balance Sheet


$ 750 Annually
  • Direct Deposit Paychecks
  • Files Your Federal, State and Local Taxes
  • Handles both 943 and 941
  • Auto Updates your General Ledger
  • Includes 5 Employees, $150 Each Additional
$ 950 Annually
  • Manage Sample Events
  • Eliminates Merging Point and Results Files
  • View Results as a Report or Map
  • Create Fertility Recommendations
  • Export Prescriptions via Shapefile
$ 350 Annually
  • Syncs with Traction Agronomy
  • Log Sample Points
  • Layout Grid Size for Target Points
  • Share Collected Data with Others

Already an existing Traction customer?  Give us a call at 1-888-466-6080 to add other software products such as payroll or agronomy.

Product Comparison

Basic FeaturesBasicPlusPro
Two manager logins 1
Handle multiple entities
Know your margin per acre
Connect your bank and credit card accounts
View Cash Balance Sheet, Cash Income Statement and Schedule F
Submit 1099s for landlords and vendors
Share your account with others, including your accountant
Plus Features
Know your margin per bushel
Track your supply and harvested crop inventory balances
Import field records via integrations 2 or enter manually
Add seed, fertilizer and chemical products manually or pick them from a standardized database
Track equipment costs
Pro Features
Manage prepay expenses
Track equipment costs to fields
Manage land agreements for cash rent and sharecropping
Create an invoice based on the landlord’s share of inputs
Prepare a Market Value Balance Sheet for your bank or lender
Manage Accounts Payable transactions and balances
View Accrual Balance Sheet
Plan a Cash Flow BudgetSoon

[1] Additional manager logins can be purchased if needed.

[2] Connecting to John Deere or Climate enables you to download your farm & field names, boundaries and field records into Traction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices work with Traction?
The web application works on any device (PC, MacBook, iPhone, tablets, etc.) using a modern web browser. Google Chrome is recommended for best performance.


What crop types are supported?
Traction supports over 100+ crop types. Once a 30-day trial is started, you can pick your specific crops and customize the harvest unit for each. 


Can I manage livestock?

Currently Traction does not support the tracking of individual animals or livestock groups. It will manage your income and expenses associated with livestock but not livestock profit centers. If livestock is a key part of your business, let us know and we’ll work toward implementing a solution.


Will my subscription price increase in the future, when, how much?

We cannot say concretely that the current Traction paid tier will never increase in price; however, our goal is to always have an accessible version of Traction available at an affordable price. Additional features and tiers can be added for you to decide what you feel is worth investing in for your business.


What type of help is included with Traction pricing?
Your subscription includes a dedicated team that can be reached by phone, live chat, or one-on-one video conference. There is also an extensive collection of Knowledge Base articles and videos to assist you, as well as our data transition services. We are committed to helping you every step of the way.


Will the software work in all countries?
Traction Accounting supports only US operations today. Traction Enterprise supports US and Canada. We are working to support other countries in the future, so reach out if you are interested.


Additional questions?
Reach out to us via email at or call us at 1-888-466-6080 (ext 1). If there are specific things you are looking for or questions about Traction pricing, please let us know.

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