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  • Man using Traction in truckCloud-Based Farm Accounting Enhances Collaboration, Increases Efficiency
    The Changing World of Farm Accounting Just as farm equipment has evolved from horse and plow to powerful 4-wheel drive tractors and 48-row planters, farm data collection has experienced its own revolution. What started with pencil and paper before […]
  • July 2021 Feature Release
    This is one of our bigger feature releases bringing together both Basic Accounting and Basic Operations. Total integration is our goal and this is definitely a step in the right direction. BASIC ACCOUNTING Supply […]
  • Traction Field Profit Center Analysis ReportsMay 2021 Feature Release
    Without question, this is a big one! Your feedback is greatly appreciated as we continue to add more features that create value for your farm. BASIC ACCOUNTING Dashboard View for Field Profit Center – The Financial […]
  • Field Operations (BETA) Now Available
    Basic Field Operations We are very excited to release Traction Basic Field Operations this week. Once activated, you’ll have 30 days to use it. You can start your trial anytime, just let us know when you’re ready. With Basic Operations, you can: […]
  • April 2021 Feature Release
    It was a very busy month! Here is a complete list of new features for Basic Accounting and the initial release of Basic Operations. BASIC ACCOUNTING Income and Expense Allocation to Crop Zones – Now you can assign […]
  • March 2021 Feature Release
    We’ve been busy enhancing the Traction software to better serve your needs. Check out these amazing improvements. BASIC ACCOUNTING FEATURES Support for Property and Equipment (Fixed Assets) Accounts – Fixed […]

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