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  • Traction Agronomy Software Makes Soil Sampling Easy.The Real Cost in Skipping Soil Sampling
    Fertilizer decisions for 2022 Aaron Young of Edd’s Supplies suggests taking a hard look at soil test results when making fertilizer decisions for 2022. With news of looming supply shortages and increased costs, farmers are trying to find ways […]
  • November 2021 Feature Release
    Very exciting month of agronomy enhancements. Use equation adjustments, product constraints and custom equations to optimize your fertility recommendations. Enjoy! Basic Agronomy Custom Fertility Recommendations – […]
  • Traction payroll can help with your employee payroll needsTraction Payroll Coming Soon
    DO YOU NEED FARM PAYROLL FOR 2022? We know payroll is an important part of your farm business. If you are using an outdated payroll system or simply don’t like your current one, look no further!   Traction is introducing a new farm payroll solution, […]
  • Leverage your phone to capture field records with Traction.October 2021 Feature Release
    BASIC OPERATIONS Detailed Field Profit Center Report – [Requires Basic Accounting] A new ‘Crop Zone – Detailed’ report is now available. This report shows Crop Revenue from harvest records with the value reflecting the […]
  • Julie Rose and Paul Gorman help farmers make better farm management decisions.Leveraging Farm Data to Make Better Decisions, More Profit
    High Emphasis on Farm data It’s been said knowledge is power and that is especially true for farmers. On any given day, farmers make a number of decisions – some big, some small. Every decision a farmer makes has an impact on the farming operation, […]
  • September 2021 Feature Release
    With the latest release of Traction, we’ve added crop sales and harvested crop inventory tracking. These features are quite timely for harvest season. Enjoy! BASIC ACCOUNTING Crop Sales – [Requires Basic […]

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