Agronomy Farmer


Simplify Soil Sampling and Nutrient Management

Tie Your Accounting to Your Agronomy Work and See Payback

Traction’s agronomy software integrates with your farm accounting and field operations. 


The benefits offer many advantages to farmers. By bringing your data together, Traction uses your actual financial transactions and ties the information back to your agronomy practices. 


This gives you a clear understanding of how your agronomy decisions are impacting your business performance.

Traction agronomy software enables soil sampling and nutrient management.

Seamless Workflow from Sampling to Prescriptions

1. Pick your lab

Traction offers a wide range of preset soil labs to pick from. Select your lab and get ready to start sampling.

2. Collect Samples

Use the Traction Field App to navigate to target points and log sample locations. A lab check-in sheet is created automatically to reduce your workload.

3. Automated Results into Traction

Receive your soil test results seamlessly in Traction to generate recommendations and prescriptions.

4. Create Recommendations and Share Prescriptions

Select from a list of popular formulas for creating variable rate prescriptions. Easily share these with your trusted network.

Soil Lab Automation

Reduce your workload by picking your soil lab from our pre-built list. When your results are ready, the system seamlessly imports your data.


No need to import soil test results manually or match shapefiles going forward. Soil lab automation is a key time saver for any farmer looking to do their own soil sampling. Traction makes nutrient management easy and intuitive.

Build Prescriptions from Recommendations

Traction’s agronomy software offers a pre-built list of university and soil lab formulas for creating simple fertility recommendations and variable rate prescriptions. This allows you to optimize your inputs and reduce environmental impact.

Key Features

 Basic Agronomy
Core Functionality
Two manager logins[1]✔
Industry standard shapefile export for controller compatibility✔
Successful adoption through our one-on-one video conference training, live chat, email and phone support✔
Soil Sampling
Create grids and points for targeted sampling✔
Use zones for targeted sampling✔
Import historic sample sites from other software platforms for sampling✔
Works with the Traction Field app to pull your own samples✔
Lab check-in sheets for sampling tasks✔
Soil lab integration for seamless processing of samples✔
Standard formulas from soil labs and universities✔
Prescription generation to optimize soil fertility✔
Product requirement by field✔
Custom formulas[2]✔

[1] Additional manager logins can be purchased if needed.

[2] Contact Customer Success at 888-305-3839 to have your formulas added to Traction.

For further information on switching from your existing legacy agronomy software solution, give us a call at 888-305-3839.