Traction Field App

Traction Field App

Mobile Soil Sampling App for Nutrient Management

Our soil sampling app is designed to work with any third-party agricultural mapping solution. It offers a complete workflow from logging sample points to creating recommendations — all from your phone or tablet. With its sleek, user-friendly design, you’ll reduce your time creating prescriptions, cut out hours of tedious steps, and make sound agronomic decisions.

Easy-to-Use Soil Sampling App

Traction provides a seamless experience for collecting and managing soil sampling data. Start with using your existing field boundaries or map a new one. And with a few taps, select the size of your grid and easily navigate to the targets for each soil sample task. 


If you lose cellular connectivity, no worries. The Traction Field app can collect samples anytime, anywhere and work with or without a cellular connection. When you are finished, easily export your logged points as a shapefile and use them with your preferred mapping solution.

Traction Field app can handle soil sampling.
Traction Field app can handle recommendations.

Integrate Your Soil Analysis and Build Recommendations

This is where Traction shines above the rest. Once you select your soil lab from our pre-built list, your soil data will flow into each sampling task automatically. From there, you can build recommendations and create as many prescriptions as you like.


It is this complete workflow from start to finish that makes the Traction Field app different from any other soil sampling app.

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Traction for Professional Agronomists and Farmers

Key Features

 Field App
Core Functionality
Compatible with Apple iOS phones and tablets✔
Works with your preferred agronomy application✔
Sample and map offline, no cellular connection required✔
Drive your field boundaries✔
Successful adoption through our one-on-one video conference training, live chat, email and phone support✔
Soil Sampling
Utilize grids for soil sampling✔
Utilize zones for soil sampling✔
Import historic sample sites from other software platforms for sampling tasks[1]✔
Navigate to sample target site and log actual sample locations✔
Export sample points and email to third-party applications✔
Work Orders for soil sampling[2]March 2022
Create multiple lab accounts[1]✔
Receive automated lab results for each sampling task✔
Create recommendations and fertility prescriptionsSpring 2022
Export prescription data as a shapefile Spring 2022

[1] Feature is only available via the web application which is included with your Field app subscription.

[2] Requires Traction Basic Agronomy or Professional Agronomy subscription to activate these features.