Agronomy Software

Web-based Nutrient Management built for the farmer

Grid or Zone, you Pick

Make data-driven decisions and create a sampling plan by using a combination of zones or grids. Have the flexibility of importing existing zones or target points if using legacy agronomy software.

Traction Agronomy Software allows you to import shapefiles of points and zones.
Traction Soil Sampling App works with other third-party software platforms.

Never miss a Field During Sampling

Sample points and zones automatically sync to Traction’s Field App, eliminating the need to find and upload the correct file in the field.

MOBILE Apps to enhance your traction experience

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Download Traction Field

The Traction Field app provides a seamless experience for gathering and managing soil samples by grid or zone. With its sleek, user-friendly design, you’ll reduce your time collecting samples, cut out hours of tedious steps, and make sound agronomic decisions.

Connect to your lab for automated results

Test results automatically appear in Traction’s agronomy software. Integrations with soil labs make it possible to view a map of nutrient management results with minimum work.
Traction works with a wide range of agronomy soil labs
Traction Agronomy Software helps build fertility recommendations.

Maximize fertilizer application value

Choose your formula and create recommendations to see total fertilizer needed. Easily make adjustments to control costs and maximize value.

Easily export to any fertilizer applicator

Export your prescription as an industry standard shapefile with a load sheet and map to most agronomy software.
Traction Agronomy Software can export files to fertilizer applicators.

Seamless Workflow from Sampling to Prescriptions

1. Pick your lab

Choose your participating soil lab.

2. Collect Samples

Use the Traction Field App to navigate to and log sample locations.

3. See Automated Results

Receive your soil test results seamlessly without file merging.

4. Create Recommendations and Share Prescriptions

Choose your formula, create variable rate prescriptions and export as a shapefile to your applicator.

Our Customers

Hear what our customers are saying about our farm management software.

Top rated for ease of use and customer service. See our reviews.

Sam Kuntz
Easy to Learn, Easier to UseOverall: Traction has simplified our accounting, field records, inventories and grain storage tracking. by bringing it into one program, instead of multiple spreadsheets. Pros: I can see field by field profit and write a check with just a few clicks. Cons: Adding field records would be better if I could apply to multiple fields at the same time but input a specific amount of acres for each field that was partially covered.
Hinnerk Wolters
Built by folks who understand farming!Overall: Good experience and they have a knowledgable and helpful team. Pros: I like the ease of use; it’s easy to drill down and see the detail when you need to. Also like the crop year based accounting so I really know how that crop year performed; this is way more informative than a calendar year system. Also like that its cloud based; you are not tied to one computer and you are able to open multiple tabs. Cons: It’s a young software that does the basic blocking and tackling very well, and even though they don’t have every feature today, they are listening well and building new features continuously.
Brian Watkins
Traction ReviewOverall: Customer support is excellent. Onboarding of this type of software is very involved and the company is well-resourced to support the customer during this process. Pros: Data integrations are the best feature – with the bank, but also to automatically gather field activity data. Cons: Traction is in early stages and there are several accounting and management features that they will be adding over the next several months and years.
Patrick Kondel
Traction software reviewPros: The fact that they are working toward what the old farmworks software did but making it easier to get the information the old farmworks software provides Cons: As with software this new there are alot of features that need to be addressed yet and they are working toward them it just takes time
Larry Kummer
January 2023 review of Traction for our farmOverall: Staff has been very detailed and excellent to work with. They have several videos available to assist in set up, designs and functions of their software. They also will respond very quickly on the chat box or via video conference call. Pros: I really like the ability to quickly enter income and expense items with full data to reflect proper inventory and financial management. Also the ability to link in to our bank accounts and upload invoices and crop settlements, which can easily be revisited and printed at later dates. Revisiting the detailed invoices on equipment repairs comes in very handy in verifying parts installed on equipment. Cons: Traction is working on taking data to the machinery management level that I desire to have, such as filters, parts inventories linked to equipment models that we own. Also maintain equipment records, hopefully can tie into equipment manufacture’s maintenance record templates at some point. Then all my records would be in one location.
Brian Tanner
Great ProductOverall: Customer support is excellent. Pros: It is web based and integrates with JD oops center and automatically does payroll Cons: It is still young and missing some functionally that I would like.
Matt Ditzig
Newer product striving to be the best software package for agriculture.Overall: Overall, I am very pleased with traction, and I am excited to see how this software package evolves. I have tried many software packages and spreadsheets in the past, and none have come close to the ambitious goal of being the “one stop shop” for Farm management software Pros: Farming software has always been segregated. Some dealt with financial data, and some dealt with field records. And for the most part, we were left on our own for accounting to use generic business software. But Traction aims to finally be the missing link between all these areas. It has an awesome accounting package, mixed with very capable field records, and a polished, completely online package. Also, they are continuously rolling out new features. Cons: Like any new software, even my own spreadsheets, there is a learning curve to adjust to the thought process behind many tasks. Fortunately, Traction provides fantastic support, whether by a live person, or videos, to guide me through the learning process.
Lillian Schantz
Traction Software ReviewOverall: It has fit the void in an easy to use ag accounting and management software. Great customer support. Pros: It is easy to set up and easy to use. The software has a good basis for accounting and draws in the field operations and inventory use. The customer support is great. Cons: A work in progress but worth waiting for each aspect that is coming out every couple of months.
Nathan alber
2 month reviewOverall: Very good customer support during trial period. Hope that continues now that I purchased the nun package Pros: Ease of use and ability to link to financial accounts for auto transaction import Cons: Wish there was a feature to create rules to auto categorize transactions based in store or who was paid
Brian Thompson
Transition from Farmworks to TractionPros: I like the ability to integrate multiple entities in one software product with one subscription. Also the ability to link bank accounts and credit cards for downloading transactions saves time. The ability to allocate income and expenses to track profitability is very important. Cons: Missing some advanced features on the accounting, such as accrual financial statements, market value balance sheet, accounts payable/receivable functionality.

Ag Data Transparent Certified for our Customer's Privacy and Security

Ag Data Transparent is an independent non-profit organization that audits agricultural technology companies‘ use of data to ensure that they transparently communicate how they use an operation’s data. We worked closely with the Ag Data Transparent team to review our Terms of Use & Privacy to produce a seal of approval that is publicly available on their website. Traction is the only US based farm accounting software that is certified by Ag Data Transparent.

Key Features

Core FunctionalityBasic Agronomy
Two manager logins 1
Import boundary shapefiles or boundaries from Climate FieldView or John Deere Operations
Successful adoption through our one-on-one video conference training, live chat, email and phone support
Soil Sampling
Create grids and points for targeted sampling
Use zones for targeted sampling
Import historic sample sites or zones from other software platforms
Works with the Traction Field app to pull your own samples
Create Work Orders to efficiently manage the days work
Scan a QR code to see the Work Order for a given field to get started
Print Bag Labels that include QR codes
Print a lab check-in sheet for soil lab submission
Receive your soil test results seamlessly, without file merging
Use standard formulas from soil labs and universities
Use custom formulas 2
Adjust minimum and maximums, apply deductions or multipliers to adjust by a unit amount or percentage
See product requirement by field
Generate multiple prescriptions at one time for each field
Export prescriptions in a industry standard shapefile
View a consolidated summary report or as a colored map for each nutrient

[1] Additional manager logins can be purchased if needed.

[2] Contact Customer Success at 888-305-3839 to have your formulas added to Traction’s agronomy software.

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