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Agronomy Software that Simplifies Nutrient Management

Setting up sampling points has never been easier

Import shapefiles of points or zones, set up a new grid, or manually place points with just a few clicks.

Traction Agronomy Software allows you to import shapefiles of points and zones.
Traction Soil Sampling App works with other third-party software platforms.

Save time in the field

Sample points and zones automatically sync to Traction’s Field App, eliminating the need to find and upload the correct file in the field.

Connect to your lab for automated results

Test results automatically appear in Traction’s agronomy software. Integrations with soil labs make it possible to view a map of nutrient management results with 2 simple clicks.

Traction Agronomy Software connects to a wide range of soil labs.
Traction Agronomy Software helps build fertility recommendations.

Maximize fertilizer application value

Choose your formula and create recommendations to see total fertilizer needed. Easily make adjustments to control costs and maximize value.

Easily export to any fertilizer applicator

Export your prescription as an industry standard shapefile with a load sheet and map.

Traction Agronomy Software can export files to fertilizer applicators.

Seamless Workflow from Sampling to Prescriptions

1. Pick your lab

Choose your participating soil lab.

2. Collect Samples

Use the Traction Field App to navigate to and log sample locations.

3. See Automated Results

Receive your soil test results seamlessly without file merging.

4. Create Recommendations and Share Prescriptions

Choose your formula, create variable rate prescriptions and export as a shapefile to your applicator.

Our Customers

Hear what our customers are saying about our agronomy software.

Top rated for ease of use and customer service. See our reviews.

Matt D.
Newer product striving to be the best software package for agriculture. Overall: Overall, I am very pleased with traction, and I am excited to see how this software package evolves. I have tried many software packages and spreadsheets in the past, and none have come close to the ambitious goal of being the “one stop shop” for Farm management software Pros: Farming software has always been segregated. Some dealt with financial data, and some dealt with field records. And for the most part, we were left on our own for accounting to use generic business software. But Traction aims to finally be the missing link between all these areas. It has an awesome accounting package, mixed with very capable field records, and a polished, completely online package. Also, they are continuously rolling out new features. Cons: Like any new software, even my own spreadsheets, there is a learning curve to adjust to the thought process behind many tasks. Fortunately, Traction provides fantastic support, whether by a live person, or videos, to guide me through the learning process.
Lillian S.
Traction Software Review Overall: It has fit the void in an easy to use ag accounting and management software. Great customer support. Pros: It is easy to set up and easy to use. The software has a good basis for accounting and draws in the field operations and inventory use. The customer support is great. Cons: A work in progress but worth waiting for each aspect that is coming out every couple of months.
Monica R.
Farmworks user converted to Traction Overall: From the start of looking for software to replace Farmworks and making the first phone call to [SENSITIVE CONTENT] I have not been disappointed. Everyone I have talked to at Traction has been very helpful and easy to work with. The file movement from my Farmworks to Traction went very smoothly. Any questions I have had there has been videos to help me get my issues solved. Would highly recommend this software. Pros: The Accounting is my favorite. It is easy to use. Just clicking on the transaction to make a change to it or delete it works wonderful. Bringing up a previous transaction is also a plus to not have to reenter all the info, only change the check no, date and dollar amt. Reconciliation is also easy to use. Also use the Farm Ops to record field records. Works well to track what was done on each field such as what was sprayed, what seed was planted on which fields, or tillage that was done and harvest info. Cons: I haven’t found a least favorite yet as I have only been a user since January of 2022.
Randy R.
Farm works, the next generation Overall: I have just been using traction ag for less than a month and my only issue is that I wish I would have found it 3 months ago. I really have not found an issue that could not be worked around with the teams help. Pros: The fact that it transfers the Farm Works information so well is great. And the team at traction ag is fantastic at helping and problem solving. I let my accountants look at my information and they were very pleased and that makes me happy. Cons: Because of the programs newness and my short time with using it, I have found things I would like but maybe not gotten into it deep enough to find what I was looking for. From what I have seen so far though, this team will fix any and all issue’s that come up
Lisa F.
Loving the ease of set up Overall: Love the software for its common sense approach and all the support has been great! Pros: So far, I have watched the you tube videos and am in the process of moving over our accounting software to TractionAg. It has been so easy and the support is excellent. Never have had to wait for help and they answer and help explain the “why’s” of how it is set up, which helps me remember and just makes sense. Very easy to use so far and their willingness to help me a long has been great. Cons: The only thing would be that not everything is completely available yet, but is coming. But in a way this makes it easier to get it up and going because you understand the basics first. The rest will be fine-tuning and they ask for opinions on how we would like to see it. Was dreading making this switch, but it really has been an easy transition so far.
Vance J.
Very pleased with the program. Overall: Customer service had been great to work with. Of they haven’t been available right away, we’ve been able to find a time rather soon to get together and talk. Pros: It’s very easy to use and it’s accessable from anywhere. I like being able to use different computers from different locations to access it. I really like the idea of being able to use it in the field to record various activities. Cons: No cons yet from my end, as it’s in development and the new features seem to be on par with what’s needed.
Caleb F.
Traction – Finally, Farm Software that does both Accounting and Operation Management! Overall: In short I want to understand and have the details of my finances and operations at my fingertips and Traction is the only software that we have found that does both. I spent the last 2 years searching for a platform that does this and it does not exist anywhere but here. Other software’s do one or the other or if they do both they use a slim version of the finances which doesn’t help me accomplish the goals I need for my business. Pros: The best part of Traction so far has been the Accounting Platform, and most importantly the ability to automatically pull in all of my transactions from my various accounts! Once you have your chart of accounts customized to your operation (which took less than a day to accomplish) its as simple as a few clicks to have all my accounting organized. Taxes and my balance sheet next year will be as easy as hitting “print”. Next, the mapping part of operations is also very user friendly. I imported my maps from my old software in a matter of minutes and then updated them using the built in tools. It only took me a minute to learn how to use the tools and I didn’t even watch a tutorial video. Onboarding with Traction is as simple as three easy steps and is very user friendly, especially for a new user! Tractions Customer Support has been second to none! If I have a question I can likely find the answer and a video explaining it in the Knowledge Center. If I can’t find it there the customer support team is only a chat away and very quick to respond. Cons: The operations side is not finished yet, but in the initial release of the operations there is already great functionality, but more is needed to make it better and I believe they are going to deliver that in time.
Matt R.
Set up Pros: The most impactful features is the ability to have a financial management software that also can be used for the cash accounting as well. Traction was easy to set up and start. Integration into our business has been seamless so far . Cons: It doesn’t really feel like its complete yet. Features are still coming into it which can make it difficult sometimes to get the results we need currently.
Joe R.
Great developing farm management software with superb customer service Overall: For a program under development, it has been great so far and it is exciting to see new features with each new software update. It is reassuring to know that the company is small enough to listen to customer suggestions. Pros: The customer service is amazing, and the online chat is helpful. The cloud based program is useful for different people to access it from different computers and devices. Cons: Due to the early stages of software development, some of the features such as crop enterprises and payroll are not yet part of the program.
Christie W.
Awesome Farm Accounting Software Overall: The ability to enter transactions into different entities all in the same place is a huge timesaver and having all of the entities financial information together to give an overall picture of the entire operation is a HUGE asset! These two pieces alone were enough to justify making a switch but there are so many more benefits to using Traction! The knowledge base that they bring to the product is tremendous and they have multiple support options to help you with any problem or question you might have. Agriculture has its own unique rules and requirements when it comes to accounting and record-keeping and having a product like Traction that helps me keep track of all of it is a tremendous benefit to my farming operation! Pros: The product is easy to setup and use–much more so than other farm accounting packages I have used. You can be up and running with a few simple steps. The ability to run multiple entities at the same time and have all of the information available either separately or together is a great feature!! Having all the information together in one place makes it much easier to analyze and make business decisions. And the ability to tie your banking information directly to your records is a great time saver for those wanting that option. I appreciate, however, that Traction also has the capability to enter your transactions manually. Having options is what makes a GREAT product!!! Cons: Because the software is new, there are still a few features that I am waiting on to be added. Once the land, equipment, supplies and field record-keeping pieces become available it will be a full service Farm Software package. Not having these pieces right away just keeps me from entering some of my transactions which have occurred.

Key Features

Core FunctionalityBasic Agronomy
Two manager logins 1
Import boundary shapefiles or boundaries from Climate FieldView or John Deere Operations
Successful adoption through our one-on-one video conference training, live chat, email and phone support
Soil Sampling
Create grids and points for targeted sampling
Use zones for targeted sampling
Import historic sample sites or zones from other software platforms
Works with the Traction Field app to pull your own samples
Create Work Orders to efficiently manage the days work
Scan a QR code to see the Work Order for a given field to get started
Print Bag Labels that include QR codes
Print a lab check-in sheet for soil lab submission
Receive your soil test results seamlessly, without file merging
Use standard formulas from soil labs and universities
Use custom formulas 2
Adjust minimum and maximums, apply deductions or multipliers to adjust by a unit amount or percentage
See product requirement by field
Generate multiple prescriptions at one time for each field
Export prescriptions in a industry standard shapefile
View a consolidated summary report or as a colored map for each nutrient

[1] Additional manager logins can be purchased if needed.

[2] Contact Customer Success at 888-305-3839 to have your formulas added to Traction’s agronomy software.