Field Operations

Stay Organized with Digital Field Records

Log Field Activities

The core of Field Operations starts with organizing your field activities, accessible from your desktop or tablet. Easily log field work in one place such as tillage, seeding, fertilizing, and spraying.


Traction provides an extensive database of chemicals and seed so that you have accurate EPA labeling and other required information on the products.

Traction Field Operations can log field activities.
Traction Field Operations can analyze your field and crop margins.

Analyze Field and Crop Margin

The accuracy of your field records is presented in your field profit center analysis to power profitability. Traction makes it easy by assigning costs to supplies, equipment and labor to see the total cost of each field activity. This delivers a clear understanding of margin per acre and bushel.


Easily share your farm data with other members of your operation. Download your reports as a CSV or PDF file to connect trusted partners for key decision making.

Track Supply Inventories

Traction Field Operations simplifies inventory management with an integrated approach. Leverage Traction Accounting for supply purchases and see inventory balances from any connected device. 


Traction eliminates double-entry work so you know exactly what inputs you have on hand.

Traction Field Operations allows you to manage supply inventories.
"I'm graduating from the shoebox method and decided Traction was the best option for me to go. They've done a great job supporting me."
Farmer Kevin Boggs Using Traction
Kevin Boggs
Indiana Farmer

Key Features

 Basic Operations
Access farm data online from any location, anytime (desktop or tablet)✔
Setup your fields, equipment and personnel✔
Add your products from a standardized database✔
Add custom products specific to your farm✔
Record your field activities for seed, chemicals and fertilizer applications✔
Enter date, time and weather conditions✔
Assign costs to supplies, equipment and personnel to fields for tracking profitability✔
Record harvest activity to deliver margin per bushel✔
Track product and harvested crop inventories [requires Basic Accounting]✔

Traction subscription includes one-on-one video conference training, live chat, email and phone support.