Field Operations (BETA) Now Available

Field Operations (BETA) Now Available

Basic Field Operations

We are very excited to release Traction Basic Field Operations this week. Once activated, you’ll have 30 days to use it. You can start your trial anytime, just let us know when you’re ready.

With Basic Operations, you can:

  • Setup your fields, equipment and personnel
  • Add your products from a standardized database which includes EPA labeling, active ingredients and other details
  • Add custom products specific to your farm
  • Record your field activities for seed, chemicals and fertilizer applications
  • Enter date, time and weather conditions
  • Assign costs to inputs, equipment and personnel and apply these to fields to manage your cost of production
  • Currently optimized for tablets in the field or enter the data back in the office

This initial BETA release allows seed and application records, tillage and harvest to follow later with a host of other features. The advantage of starting now is to familiarize yourself, getting more value from your data completing this season’s field records.


Basic Operations does not require Basic Accounting. Traction will offer integration in the future.

What does it Cost?

Basic Operations costs $950/year which includes 2 manager logins. A First Year Discount is available.

How Do I get Started?

If you have an existing Traction account, call 888-466-6080 to activate Basic Operations. If you are new to Traction you can start a trial here.
All data from your trial is preserved if you choose to move forward as a Traction customer.


Brian Stark
Director of Marketing, Traction

  • Brian Stark
    Brian Stark is Co-Founder and Product Marketing Director at Traction Ag, Inc, a cloud-based farm accounting and management software company focused on helping farmers become more profitable and efficient. Prior to Traction Ag, Brian led the sales and marketing efforts at Farm Works Software, a global leader in farm management desktop software that was acquired by Trimble in 2009. He helped manage the Trimble marketing and communications team for over 10 years, with a strategic focus in product marketing, building brand awareness and digital marketing efforts.