June 2023 Feature Release

June 2023 Feature Release

June 2023 Feature Release

Reading transaction data from your favorite financial institution just got a whole lot easier. Now you can manually import your bank and credit card transactions to avoid entering each one. 


This gives you every means necessary to import your transactions directly into Traction with minimum effort.


Import Transactions via CSV Format
  • Download a *.csv file of your transactions from your bank’s website and import the data directly into your selected Traction account.
  • Create import templates to save your work and reduce steps when importing a similar file in the future.
You can import bank transactions via CSV format.


What about Plaid?

Our integration and partnership with Plaid does not change. Because some banks are not supported (or currently in process), this new feature offers everyone the opportunity to quickly bring in transactions with their preferred bank or credit card.


Can I import John Deere Financial data?

Yes. You will need to have your John Deere Financial account (such as a Multi-Use Account) setup as a credit card account in Traction. Next, export your John Deere Financial data in a .csv format to be imported into Traction.


Where do I find my CSV files?

Virtually all banks offer a .csv download for bank transaction data. Login to your bank’s website and find the download option for your account. If you can’t find this option, please contact your bank’s representative and ask them for assistance.

  • Brian Stark
    Brian Stark is the Product Marketing Director for Traction Ag, based in Auburn, Indiana. Prior to co-founding the company in 2020, he led the sales and marketing efforts at Farm Works Software for 14 years and was part of Trimble’s marketing and communications team for 10 years. He completed his undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University in Agribusiness. Brian and his wife, Kimberly, own a Centennial Farm in Edgerton, Ohio, and have three children.

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