November 2022 Feature Release

November 2022 Feature Release

We are so excited to launch the Market Value Balance Sheet, giving you real-time equity balance for your entire farming operation. This key metric accurately reports your assets and liabilities to your bank or lender. Enjoy!

Advanced Accounting

Market Value Balance Sheet (MVBS)
  • This feature requires Traction Pro
  • Create an unlimited number of MVBS, valid on any date for single or multiple entities.
  • Enter and save market value for all assets and liabilities.
  • Copy an existing MVBS when starting a new one to create different scenarios.
  • Add personal assets and liabilities to get a complete MVBS.
  • Export MVBS and supporting schedules in a text (*CSV) format.
    • The supporting schedules give detailed analysis of supply and harvest inventory.
  • Enter expected tax rates and Traction will compute deferred tax liabilities. 
Traction's Market Value Balance Sheet gives you an accurate equity balance for your entire farming operation.


Paycheck Printing

  • This feature requires Traction Basic and Traction Payroll.
  • Print manual paychecks for employees who do not want direct deposit. Traction will continue to handle all tax deposits and reporting, similar to the popular direct deposit option. This gives you the flexibility to print or handwrite the individual paycheck.

Basic Accounting

  • A Reports button is now located on the left navigation bar. Here you can access all the accounting reports.

Brian Stark
Director of Marketing, Traction

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